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Microsoft Surface Alternative Using Kinect And PC

Disturbance offers a first demo, “Design lab experience 001” which introduces interactive table “touchless” created in a few hours.

A glass table, IR sensor, a webcam, a video projector, a mirror and a Mac, this is everything needed to make this prototype behavior and convincing potential: no necessary contact sensor analyzes gesture in space to transform it into information.

A long series of exciting technology/design experiments should follow soon!


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Samsung’s Vision Of Future

A world Futurist entirely samsung, realizing speed which the South Korea develops and becomes a global giant, Westerners have anything to worry seriously…
This is the most iconic brand of southern Korea. Samsung is the largest technology company in the world. Profits are higher than Apple, Google and Microsoft combined.
Samsung is also a giant conglomerate whose activities relate to almost all areas.

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Antivirus Protection Test

Open Notepad and paste this string into it ( without double quotes )


#2 Save it and as soon as you do your antivirus real time protection should be able to detect it. In case you have disabled the real time protection run a scan for this file.


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Microsoft Releases OneNote Mobile For iPhone


OneNote Mobile for the iPhone lets you capture and review notes and lists on your phone. Notes are automatically backed up and synced with free Windows Live SkyDriveonline storage, so that you can access them from virtually anywhere – your PC, phone, and browser. Collecting thoughts and ideas on the go is what OneNote was made for.

And its free only for limited time. So grab it soon.

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Microsoft Academic Search Powered by Silverlight

Try it out here:

Its an awesome resource for Computer Science Students.

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