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Microsoft Surface Alternative Using Kinect And PC

Disturbance offers a first demo, “Design lab experience 001” which introduces interactive table “touchless” created in a few hours.

A glass table, IR sensor, a webcam, a video projector, a mirror and a Mac, this is everything needed to make this prototype behavior and convincing potential: no necessary contact sensor analyzes gesture in space to transform it into information.

A long series of exciting technology/design experiments should follow soon!


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Max Payne Using Kinect Hack And Wiimote

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Control Boxee Using Kinect

Kinect Does Everything ! ! !

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Virtual Reality Through Kinect Hack

Translated using Google from the blog.

Since I bought a head impatiently the end, made in conjunction with motion capture other day, I made a virtual reality environment to enjoy at home.

HMD is doing is rotating the camera angle based on the information, OpenNI only fixed to the head of the joint inputs. Were able to build a virtual reality environment to be able to reflect movement of the body by itself without any special equipment.

This is the second demonstration was held in Nagoya May 18, 12 CV · PRML what you will be presented at the seminar, a video clip when I get a little plus.

State that can be seen moving their limbs and face down a little. The scene is reflected in their non-work your body is feeling very strange and interesting.

In addition, Bullet in the physics of moving objects can interfere so, kicking the ball directly in his body, and can be 弾Ki返Shi the head.

However, HMD compared to the narrow angle of human vision, and that the actual position of the limbs, such as drawing range of video cameras, and the full reality of the movement is shaking his head when they work together to because you are not situations that require fine movement is really strange remains.

Work and kick the ball, not the position of the foot are visible, but I have to aim 蹴Ranai real space, especially in the toe kick of a place that I recognized the error of motion partly Naka Naka difficult.

The bounce in the minute hand is seen in front of me, but tends to do rather than feet, so freedom can not easily get used to the slippery sense of distance, and so did not qualify Ikana. The block face like I’ve been in my head, so when you bounce because of the people in the main specification, this is an enjoyable atmosphere without feeling so good people do it properly move in space. When it works there is pleasant enough to hit something in the amount of illusion.

VR can look up at the large object in the environment, and any sense of what will look down from above or wanted to do so once tried. As expected on the whole, very amazing realism. Especially from a high place overlooking, CG a little fear can be felt as even know it. But there were also comments to get used to overcome a fear of heights might be nice.

Scenes look up something huge, run pretty well myself, I looked up in his own interesting experiences with a bit of astral projection. TPS and happily run around with the camera fixed behind their movement, such as can be seen.

I’ve tried the scene to capture other monsters animals and humans in the Making of the movies and games, 面白Katsu not easily give it also put on the motion of different models of the constitution and your watching the reactions of the screen or.

Move your home PC range is narrow so there is only about 1m in front of square, is a little disappointing they’ve been limited work a lot. Like they’re afraid of a little finger or foot hit the guard desk.

kinect itself seems so far recognized as such even if the distance, can cope with the action should be used in larger more spacious room.

In addition, VR920 is compatible with itself is stereopsis, need to send separate images to calculate the left and right eye properly, easy to grasp the sense of distance more likely. Wii limbs and the rest if you give feedback vibration upon contact with the remote control to put quotation, I think how I feel now I think even more.

Even so, the VR environment can be reflected until the motion, and they can be realized only by a combination of commercially available products in the home without special equipment of the ordinary, something I had really great times, and think again.

Source: Hatena

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New Ad for Kinect for Xbox 360

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