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Antivirus Protection Test

Open Notepad and paste this string into it ( without double quotes )


#2 Save it and as soon as you do your antivirus real time protection should be able to detect it. In case you have disabled the real time protection run a scan for this file.



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Upgrade to New Facebook Profile

From Facebook blog:



Go to this link and upgrade your facebook profile

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Bing Social Built on Windows Azure

We all know about, a website that provides social insights of the people. It allows us to search for a topic and it also shows top 10 shared items. I recently came across in the msdn blog that Bing social was built on Windows Azure. That’s a great example for the power of cloud computing.


Bing Social was implemented using Windows Azure. There is code there that harvests the world’s Twitter and Facebook status updates, counts the hits and serves up the “Hottest Social Topics”. It was something that was created by a Microsoft developer in a matter of a couple months after he wrote the prototype. He was able to go from idea to launch of one of the world’s largest cloud services (it updates 500 Mil+ status posts per day) in about 12 weeks. And, as the posts from Twitter and Facebook grow, Azure scales with it automatically. Go ahead, play with it. It’s pretty cool.

I’m floored by that app, mostly by the way in which it was created. When people talk about “the power of the cloud” it now has real meaning to me. It means whatever worldwide internet-scale app I can think of can become a reality in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Source: MSDN Blog

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Microsoft’s New Research Project Stereoscopic 3D environment

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Craig Mundie showed a demo of a stereoscopic 3D environment. He played a multiplayer game and showed a retail experience blending virtual and physical environments.I collected news on various sites regarding this matter,

Microsoft’s Craig Mundie visited Duke University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) this week to show off forthcoming NUIs (natural user interfaces), involving "a large stereoscopic 3D goggles that showed some of the possibilities of human-scale computer interaction," and company’s soon-to-be-released Kinect controller.

He provided demonstrations that showed "what it might be like to interact with a computer … the size of a room," the company says. Craig was able to "walk into a 3D world where he could shop and play games, interacting with people in both physical and virtual environment in a very natural way." from

“Sadly, unless we send each of you a set of 3D glasses it’s hard to recreate the experience, so you’ll have to trust me on this one when I say it was pretty incredible. Craig was able to walk into a 3D world where he could shop and play games, interacting with people in both the physical and virtual environment in a very natural way. I hope to be showing you more of the short clip from “The Spy from the 2080s” video he used so stay tuned on that one.” from Microsoft Blog

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No Zune HD for Europe–Confirms Steve Ballmer


Neowin reports that Steve Ballmer speaking at UK Tech Days Event on answering while Zune HD will be available in Europe told that

We need to focus on Windows Phone 7" said Ballmer when questioned if the Zune HD would arrive in the UK.

Also Microsoft confirmed that Zune marketplace will be available for Europe allowing people to buy and subscribe to digital content from various labels.

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