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Project Phoenix by AOL–First Look Video & Screenshots


AOL is launching new email aggregation service with features which include:

  • Aggregation of Aol, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, and other email accounts into one inbox.
  • A "Quick Bar" or shortcut bar above the inbox with short email, IM, text, Facebook and Twitter status update capabilities.
  • Three inbox views — "expanded," which allows viewing of the first few lines of each email, "compact" (think traditional), and and the Entourage-like "reading pane."
  • Web browser-like tabs for switching between user inbox and messages.
  • A Mapquest sidebar adjacent to the email body that automatically detects addresses listed in open emails and offers directions
  • A photo sidebar that aggregates photo attachments.
  • New optional email domain names  besides "", user options will include @ygm ("You’ve Got Mail"), @games, @wow, and




What do you think of it?

Source : CNN Money


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