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Happy Birthday to Microsoft Security Essentials


I still remember the day when Microsoft Security Essentials was first released in beta through Microsoft Connect.I was pretty excited on that day because before the release ,my friends used to hunt for Anti-virus programs online. They were not willing to pay for the programs, so they usually search for Antivirus programs through Torrents,File sharing sites,etc. The funny part of their activity is they usually get viruses, malware,etc. with the file they download. Usually most of them report me that their PC is slow, it may be due to virus. There was no clear solution at that time for me to offer them. But then came MSE,the star. The number of people asking help from me for PC maintenance reduced folds. MSE was announced as a free alternative to consumers alone. But now Microsoft has announced MSE for SMB’s too. MSE team has shared some highlights of MSE from the past year.

· Originally introduced in 8 languages and 19 countries around the world, Microsoft Security Essentials is currently available and supported in 25 languages and 74 countries globally.

· Microsoft Security Essentials is certified by two of the industry’s leading independent certification authorities: International Computer Security Association Labs (ICSA) and West Coast LabsIt also received the most recent VB100 Award and as well as certification from AV-Test.

· Beginning in October Microsoft Security Essentials will be made available to small businesses on up to 10 PCs for free.

· Microsoft Security Essentials was made available for online partner distribution, as a pre-install on OEM PCs and for distribution by publications as covermount software.

· Microsoft Security Essentials received the PC Advisor Awards 2010 – Best Free Software award and is rated by Consumer Reports as a “Best Buy”.

So what’s in store for Enterprise customers? The solution is Forefront Suite of products. Here is a comparison of MSE with Forefront.



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Windows Phone Ads Leaked Should be Real

Two days before,Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 7 ads featuring HTC Mondrian with AT&T leaked around the Internet. The video was first uploaded by a company which made music for that ad in Vimeo. first broke the story to Internet. From there on the videos spread like wildfire. Top technology blog sites like Engadget, TechCrunch, Cnet, Neowin, etc wrote on it.   The videos had about 200,000 views each and generally had positive reviews. Now YouTube has removed those videos claiming copyrights issue from Microsoft Corporation. So this move obviously confirms that ads were real. People who haven’t seen the ads still can view it in hundreds of YouTube account and some sites like Engadget that hosts the ads on their own server.


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Anyone found interesting Tweets from Microsoft Event?

If you have time,you can search for the tweets in the Bing maps as below..

I found these tweets..

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Microsoft: 0, Google: 23


Finally someone have done this.I thought of doing the same comparison.I think Google should be stopped from acquiring start-ups.They are announcing one each week.If Google makes it in Consumer space,IBM does it in Enterprise space.IBM is so serious about other niche solution providers,adding them to its stack.What do you think of this matter?Microsoft has made zero acquisition.I think Microsoft’s strategy is to partner with other companies.They have partnered with

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Yahoo,etc

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