Microsoft spends 70% of its $9.5 billion R&D involving Cloud

Recently Cindy Bates , Microsoft’s VP of US Small and Medium Business & Distribution  during the SMB Nation conference in Las Vegas made some clear statements on Microsoft Business Strategies. She said Microsoft now spends 70% of its $9.5 billion R&D involving cloud and that will increase up to 90%. That’s a huge number !

She also highlighted some of  the Microsoft’s other strategy. She revealed Windows Phone 7’s integration with Dynamics CRM Online 2011. I’ve covered on this matter at WMPoweruser. Some other highlights of her speech as noted by thevarguy

The Cloud Is… “It’s not a thing and it’s not any one product,” said Bates. Instead, Microsoft defines the cloud as:

“A cost effective Internet based model of delivering enterprise class IT capabiliuty and software solutions to businesses of all sizes.”

Office 365: “It’s a new brand and the culmination of everything Microsoft has learned since the 1989 launch of Office. Office 365 will launch in Spring 2011, Bates predicted. “It will be the cloud on your terms.” Bates described Office 365′s three plans (Plan P1, Plan E and Plan K). Bates says Partners will profit in four ways:

  • 18 percent commission in first-year sales and 6 percent thereafter
  • Migration services
  • Business consulting and application development — “There will be a much more robust opportunity for managed services.
  • Building out managed services.

Read more of  it at thevarguy.


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