Does Apple really own Coverflow and Time Machine Concepts?

Apple Insider recently posted about the patent trial which Apple lost recently. Coverflow and Time Machine are two visually appealing concepts in Mac OS X which Windows doesn’t have. Though one can argue that these are not a most usable features. Coverflow doesn’t make sense when you have 250 albums and you will swipe through album arts to find an album. Here is the info on patent trial,

Mirror Worlds LLC filed the lawsuit in 2008, alleging that Apple had infringed on patents for creating "streams" of documents sorted by time. According to Bloomberg, a federal jury sided with Mirror Worlds on Friday, although specific details of the ruling were unavailable.

Mirror Worlds’ patents were based on research by Yale professor David Gelernter and then-doctoral student Eric Freeman. Gelernter emerged as a prominent computer scientist in the 1980s, eventually developing a time-based method of organizing data that he dubbed "lifestreaming." Patents for the concept date back as early as 1999 (1, 2, 3, 4).
In a March interview, Gelernter told Big Think that though he no longer held the patents for the suit, which he was told is the "largest lawsuit in patent history," he was still upset about not getting credit for the ideas.
Gelernter sees the Mac OS X features Spotlight and Time Machine, as well as the iTunes Cover Flow feature, as being taken from his ideas on "lifestreaming."


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