Blogging in 2010= Facebook+Twitter+Foursquare???


When one of my friend questioned me about status of my blog today,I was puzzled and confused…Whether to continue blogging or not..Anyway I’ve already stopped blogging frequently for past few months..So when I just started thinking about where I spend time in Internet which was Blogging most of the time a year before ! !

First thing I came to know that i’m using social networks more than ever..How much time?? About 2 hrs in a normal internet session(my session lasts for about 7 hrs).Thats an impressive 30%.What made me to spend more time in these networks more than ever?

1)People are moving away from reading and creating Blogs.Which obviously questions me should i share my thought through Blogs??(Secret:My Blog traffic has slipped many % over months..Oh…No..Its not me..)

2)Many MNC’s like Microsoft,Google,Nokia,Dell have started using these as medium through which they communicate with people.

3)People need Info Short & Sweet (Thanks to twitter)

4)People expect their mates to check and comment their Favourite  links in a single wall.(Thanks to Facebook)

Though all these services wont support content creation rather promote content consumption.Whats your view on Blogging in this Social Networking Era??In the mean time I’m on all these services.Follow me for latest Tech Trends…Smile




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