Google Buzz

image   Last week,Google had a press conference to show their latest attempt to catch up in Social networking space.The product is called Google Buzz.yes,even yahoo has a product named Buzz.Google Buzz according to Google

“Go beyond status messages

Share updates, photos, videos, and more.
Start conversations about the things you find interesting.”

What it actually can or meant to?


I tried Google Buzz last week.Thats the mistake i’ve ever done with Google products.It let my gmail contacts exposed.Google privacy team s***s.Later they fixed it.They exposed how many people i’m following and how many follow me.Later they fixed that too.Lots of privacy and half baked items.I didnt know why Google releasing such a pre-matured product to people without their permission.yes its integrated into Gmail,So you should probably use them.

Final Word: Dont even try for now..

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