Windows Mobile 7 Leaked info

                                   After years of secrecy,WinMo 7 news getting leaked.And one thing for sure is that Microsoft is going to show it to public next month in MWC.Not just in MWC,Microsoft has planned to talk about it in series of events.I’ll list the events below.msftkitchen has lots of information regarding Windows phones.Also future Windows phones will support multi-touch in it,which is good to hear.I’m very eager to see what  Microsoft has developed for years.Especially the User Interface which they have mentioned that,it will not only be evolutionary but something more.

1)Energize IT 2010Windows Phone 7 @ Energize 10IT 20

2)Mix 10

3)Microsoft financial analyst briefing at the 2010 Mobile World Congress,Monday, Feb. 15, 2010

4)Windows Mobile financial analyst conference call,Monday, Feb. 22, 2010

imageImage:The red squared area shows multi touch.

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    After years of secrecy

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