Apple iPad Review

                             You must have some idea about iPad from previous post.Here is my view on Apple iPad.

Name: iPad or iTampon or MaxiPad !!!

Many would have noticed that iTampon was the second trending topic in twitter,even ahead of Apple iPad.The name has raised humour among many people(to mention mostly ladies).This lead to hillarious videos,comments,blogs on the internet.Surely Apple should have chosen better name.

No Multitasking:

According to me,its the biggest setback.How can i stop listening to music while i’m browsing?How can i chat with my friends while working in iWork?

No Cameras:

It doesnt have camera on either front or back side.So no snapping of photos and no video iChat too.This really sucks.

Touch Keyboard:

Apple didnt came up with any new idea.Just the same on-screen keyboard which is already in many tablets.Its really difficult to type in iPad.

No Flash:

Again Apple does the mistake.No Adobe Flash support.So your browsing experience stops in half way.

No HD:

The screen resolution is 1024 x 768.So think of full HD video playback.Even you don’t have HDMI port.So sad.

Need of Adapters:        

To tell in a single line,even for USB you need Adapters.Make Apple rich by buying it from them.

Apple Ecosystem:

iPod and iPhone owners must have experienced it before.You have to be in Apple’s environment for everything.Want to transfer,buy  photo,music,etc do it through iTunes.

Still lots there,Bing “Why iPad sucks”.Tech specs in next post.

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