Bing Update

                 Bing team at Microsoft is actively delivering updates to its services.I’m happy to say this,since it is only one of the serious competitor to Google which is a monopoly in Search market.This time they have updated  Bing Health and Auto Related Queries.

Bing Auto:

Bing Blog details as

“As the automotive world (and our friends at MSN Autos) descend on Detroit for the North American International Auto Show we here at Bing wanted to highlight our enhanced auto search results.

Simply search for your favorite car make and model and voila, you’ll see all the important information (price, Fuel Economy, user rating) as well as quick links to additional information right within the search result. “ 

Bing Health:

Bing discovers a relevant document in its library of health resources and presents a smart summary related to the query. In addition, Bing uncovers key related topics by analyzing an index of medical sources and extracting meaningful data automatically. In this case, the user receives instant guidance through short lists of other conditions related to the query (for example, “obesity”), medications that are important to know about (for example, “insulin”) and US medical centers that are active in the field. Users may select any of these points of interest to continue their search in a new area.

For example, by clicking on Massachusetts General Hospital the user can drill down into that medical center.

The best thing is to try..Give yourself a try after the break..

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