Its finally called Adam.

                   Notion Ink’s Android Tablet is finally named as Adam.I got the name from “The Hindu”.

                                                         “Among the new fangled technologies to be displayed at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show scheduled for January 2010 will be a sleek gizmo, tentatively named Adam, conceptualised and designed in Hyderabad and Bangalore.”


  • The device will be among the first to feature Pixel Qi display, a low-cost, power-saving screen that can operate in three modes. Besides the LCD mode, it can run in a low-power, basic colour trans-reflective mode and a very low-power, sunlight-readable e-paper mode that mounts no pressure on the eye. The screen comes with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic (oil repelling) and anti-glare coating.
  • Weighing 770 grams, the 0.6-inch-thick, 10.1-inch scratch-resistant touch screen
  • 48 hours standby, eight hours of high definition video playback or 16 hours of Internet surfing over WiFi.
  • At its heart will be NVIDIA’s powerful, yet energy-saving, eight-core Tegra system-on-chip
  • Adam has water, ambient light and proximity sensors, accelerometer, assisted GPS, digital compass, built-in speakers and microphone.
  • It will be loaded  with Flash memory (16 or 32 GB) augmented by Secure Digital (SD) card support.
  • It  has three interfaces: the touch screen, an on-screen virtual keyboard and a track pad located behind the screen.
  • A rotatable three megapixel camera at the top can effortlessly take pictures or videos within a 180 degree angle.

Specs is so good.What about the price?? Not too costly.Its around 15000 INR.I’m expecting this device soon.


Source:The Hindu

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