Apple Tablet Demo Coming in January??

                                               I’m predicting Apple tablet is true and it will be released in January,based on the following reports.



         1)According to the Financial Times:

                               Apple has reportedly booked the Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco "for several days in late January,"

        2)A Quote by senior Apple insider:

                               “I can’t really say anything, but, let’s just say Steve is extremely happy with the new tablet.”

         3)Yet another recently departed Apple employee:

                               “You will be very surprised how you interact with the new tablet.”

         4) The relevant passage from the FT:

                      Apple has contacted other broadcast and cable networks, including Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System and Viacom, which have so far been unconvinced by Apple’s proposal. The computer maker has also courted the book publishing industry, sector executives say.

5)The relevant passage from businessinsider:

                     "They’ve told select developers that as long as they build their apps to support full screen resolution — rather than a fixed 320×480 — their apps should run just fine," 

 6)According to Boy genius report:

                      Apple tablet definitely coming in 7″ size and  may be 10” too.


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