Intel Shows of Light Peak

                              Intel last week showed its new Light Peak technology.What is it actually?Its just another way for transferring data among devices and within the device just as our USB’s.Then what’s special about it?Its an Optical Device Interconnect.What makes this so special is that it can carry 10Gbps of data, both ways, simultaneously. Even better, it can carry data through cable that’s up to 100 metres in length, with Intel hoping that the cable will progress to being able to transfer up to 100 gigabits per second in the future. Dadi Perlmutter, who is the co-general manager of Intel’s Architecture Group, said that Intel hopes to just see one universal cable for computers a bit later on. The reason for this is because smaller laptops can have their usefulness hindered by the need for many cables attached to the sides, for various devices.

                             I hope Intel would soon standardize this and devices flooding shelves soon.. 🙂

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