Microsoft Project Pink???Speculations again..

                                  After years of news about it,now its new round of speculations.There is speculation that Pink could either be one handset or possibly two devices–codenamed ‘Turtle’ and ‘Pure,’ according to Engadget.Sharp may be the manufacturer,since they are doing phone together already with Sidekick.Danger team is also there with Microsoft.And its surely going to be based on WinMo 7.


                                  Another speculation is that microsoft is aiming at tablet pc’s again with project pink.Actually the news is based on a microsoft job listing.

Division: Entertainment & Devices Division
Excited by Xbox 360? Fascinated by the technology that powers the Surface? Ever wonder how your Zune HD got built? Bring your talent and passion for building great products to the Manufacturing Test Engineering team! Our team is where all these cool products and more come together. We are a small, high-energy engineering team that builds all the systems that make sure these great products work perfectly as they leave our factories. We literally design and build all the test system used to check our products from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing line and are literally responsible for billions of dollars of products being delivered at the highest quality to our customers.

As a Senior Program Manager, you will own a broad set of feature areas and products, working with our mechanical, electrical, firmware, software, design verification and reliability engineers along with Manufacturing to bring a product from concept into mass production. You will also develop partnerships with internal and external organizations to ensure that our products deliver a superior customer experience.


ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley has an nice article on this.Get into this link.

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