Zune HD launched!!!!

                             Microsoft has launched its latest PMP Zune HD.We have already seen its hands on.But now software and services has been updated.

Zune 4.0 software launched.WoW,WoW….these words came out of me when we saw the Zune’s interface.Superb.You should definitely try it.They have tried to implement the same interface in both firmware and software aiming consistency.Its available for download from Zune site.

imageEven Zune website have been revamped with streaming services.Here is the screenshot.


New Features in Zune 4.0:


Get instant access to the stuff you care about most with shortcuts to favorites, recently downloaded or played music, videos, and more.

smart dj

From any artist, album, or song, Smart DJ will generate a related playlist from the music on your computer and new music from Zune Marketplace.

mini mode

Putting the Zune software into mini mode while listening to music allows you to use your other programs while continuing to see what’s playing.


Launch into Mixview from any artist or album and discover a mosaic of connections to other artists, albums, and fans.

For more info on Zune visit www.zune.net

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