The Windows 7 Sensor and Location API

                            When i came across msdn blogs today,i got an interesting post about windows 7 sensors API.

“There are some very intriguing new API’s in Windows 7 such as Touch, Jump Lists, Taskbar and the subject of this article, Sensors and Location.

Windows 7 includes native support for sensors, devices that measure physical phenomena such as ambient light, temperature, position, speed or location. Today, software developers can create solutions that leverage sensors but a lack of standardization makes programming an arduous task. After a sensor-based program is completed, it is forever dependent on a particular type of hardware. By making sensor development easier, we can expect a lot more applications will want to take advantage of the real-time data from the physical word to enhance the usability and functionally of their applications.”

Here’s the architecture of it:


Follow the blog for more information regarding API’s development,samples,etc


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