The Device Experience in Windows 7

                                 Everyone would have used many devices connected to PC’s for many reasons everyday,starting from our music players,cell phones to music keyboards.But the function of these devices when connected to PC’s are restricted to our knowledge or limitations of the device vendors software.You cant make everyone to gain knowledge on all the devices.Second one you cant make all the software’s of all the devices to be of same design and functions.So how can you make most out of the devices with less effort.Thats the thing windows 7 team had done.The have done a feature called Device Stage which allows you to do the functions which are device centric in one common page for each device.i think it sounds wonderful.

Device stage in action:


                                                                                                  HP printer connected

                              image                                                                                          Nokia N95 Connected


                                                                                                   Epson printer connected

Just have a look at Windowsteamblog,where they have posted a nice article on device stage with pictures.

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