Office 2010 Technical Preview-Hands on

                                  As part of beta-testing i got invitation to try office 2010 technical preview.i’ll share few impressions on office 2010 products in upcoming days.

In this series,First comes Microsoft outlook.


The much applauded  ribbon interface which powered word,excel,etc in office 2010 now in outlook too….

As you see in the above image,it becomes one’s own workspace with mail,calendar,contacts and tasks.The tasking becomes more simple and powerful due to integration of outlook and Onenote 2010.since you can make a notes  in Onenote 2010 as outlook task which gets synchronized with outlook tasks.Another important and handy feature is Quick Steps,which you can see in center of the ribbon menu which allows you to customize with set of frequently used options.Yet another improvement which is found in whole office suite is Backstage,the classic file menu.Here is the screenshot of it,


In terms of Security,even a simple document downloaded from internet will not open in full editing mode instantly,it will be sandboxed.

Also the Performance and start-up time of Outlook 2010 was better than Outlook 2007.So overall its a solid improvement over Outlook 2007

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